Dutch-speaking Keralite nurses are being sought by Belgium

Belgium recruiting Keralite nurses who can speak Dutch…

Belgium is currently facing a shortage of nurses and is looking to recruit nurses from Kerala, India who can speak Dutch. This shortage is due to an aging population and an increase in demand for healthcare services. The Belgian government has recognized the high level of education and training of nurses in Kerala and are actively recruiting them to work in Belgian hospitals.

The recruitment process is being carried out by the Belgian government in collaboration with the Kerala government. The recruitment will be done through a fair and transparent process, with the selected nurses being given the opportunity to work in Belgium on a long-term basis.

The nurses will be required to speak Dutch as it is one of the official languages of Belgium and is widely spoken in the country. The nurses will also have to pass a language proficiency test before being considered for the job. The government will be providing language classes to the selected nurses to help them pass the test and integrate into the Belgian society.

The nurses will be offered competitive salaries, benefits, and working conditions. They will be provided with accommodation, health insurance, and other benefits that will make the transition to Belgium easier.

This recruitment drive is a great opportunity for nurses from Kerala to work in a developed country with a high standard of living. It will also help to address the shortage of nurses in Belgium and improve the quality of healthcare in the country.

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