Taiwan needs 20,000 foreign professionals

Taiwan, also known as the Republic of China, is a small island nation located in East Asia. With a population of approximately 23 million people, Taiwan is known for its strong economy, advanced technology, and high standard of living.

However, despite its many strengths, Taiwan is currently facing a shortage of skilled professionals in certain industries. In fact, it is estimated that Taiwan needs 20,000 foreign professionals to help address this shortage and support the country’s continued growth and development.

So why is Taiwan in need of foreign professionals? There are a number of factors that have contributed to this shortage, including an aging population, low birth rates, and a lack of interest in certain industries among young people. Additionally, many Taiwanese professionals have chosen to work overseas, often in the United States or Europe, where they can earn higher salaries and access greater career opportunities.

To address this shortage, the Taiwanese government has launched several initiatives aimed at attracting foreign professionals to the country. One such initiative is the Employment Gold Card program, which offers a streamlined visa application process and a range of benefits to foreign professionals who wish to work in Taiwan. These benefits include access to government services, tax breaks, and the ability to bring family members to Taiwan.

The government has also partnered with several industries to promote Taiwan as an attractive destination for foreign professionals. For example, the Taiwan Tech Arena, a startup accelerator program, has been working to attract foreign entrepreneurs and investors to the country. Additionally, the Taiwan International Machine Tool Show, the largest machine tool exhibition in Asia, has been a platform for showcasing Taiwan’s advanced manufacturing capabilities and attracting foreign talent to the industry.

Overall, Taiwan’s need for foreign professionals presents a significant opportunity for both the country and the individuals who choose to work there. With its strong economy, high quality of life, and vibrant culture, Taiwan is a great place to live and work. And for foreign professionals looking to gain valuable experience, make new connections, and contribute to a growing economy, Taiwan offers an exciting and rewarding opportunity.

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